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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Parenthood- List Part 1

Things that I have realized from being a parent. (please keep this list away from all children, otherwise they will know all of my secrets ;)

1.  Most of the time, I have no idea what I am doing
2.  Sometimes you have to choose your battles
3.  Structure and Rules without Love is worthless
4.  I'm not lazy, I am just exhausted
5.  Whats the point if you can't spoil them at a least a little??
6.  Bribery is almost always necessary ;)
7.  I rocked both of my kids to sleep,  it didn't spoil them (maybe temporarily), but once they are big, you can't do it anymore
8.  They are only little once (so hold them, rock them, kiss them, love them as much as possible before they are too big, because by then you are lucky is they acknowledge you)
9.  You can't get back missed moments (so always cherish them)
10.  Every child is different, what works with one doesn't always work with the other
11.  Learn their currency, it always helps
12.  Sometimes it takes all I have to keep a straight face when disciplining my kids
13.  Apologize for your mistakes,  it shows imperfectness and humility
14.  I am your parent, not your friend, I will be your friend when you are older
15.  I don't think any parent has it all together,  its impossible, some are just better at making it look like they do,  so don't feel inferior as a parent if you don't, believe me you are not alone
16.  Sometimes I want them to stay little, other times I wish they would hurry up and grow up
17.  Don't always focus on the negative, if they feel like they can never do anything right, then they will never try to
18.  Always acknowledge their accomplishments no matter how small,  it builds their self esteem and shows that you are paying attention
19.  No one told me that I would love them so much

God must really love me because He gave two amazing kids that I know I don't deserve.

(I made this a part 1 of a list because I am sure that as I learn my list will get longer and longer)


  1. This is an awesome list and and very true. I am so glad you shared it. I will want my family members to read this one.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Thanks so much for reading!!! I thought up this list when I was feeling inferior as a parent, too busy comparing myself to other mothers and then realizing that parenthood is a work in progress, you do the best you can and focus on the positive. My kids know I love them and that means more then anything.

  3. 1. Most of the time, I have no idea what I am doing. That got my attention! Brought up 3 boys by myself and most of the time I had no clue what I was doing. "Life is a dance, we learn as we go...". Garth Brooks I believe. LOL. Anyways. I like you blog and it does what it should do... Make it so hat people can relate to the subjects. See you around somewhere in blogging land.

    // Jan



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