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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh The Drama

If you think my three year old is bad, you should see her brother.  My three year old may be the drama queen, but my eight year old is the drama king.  Everything with him is drama.  Homework, cleaning his room, helping me with something.  Something hurts, his stomach, his head, his back, and he can't get up. I have never seen such drama in my life.

It is easy to tell when my eight year old is tired.  He is extremely miserable.  A few weekend's ago, he spent the night at his Grammy's.  He loves going to Grammy's especially when there is no competition with his sister or little cousin.  At his Grammy's he does whatever he wants and he gets all of the attention.  Well this weekend that he stayed at his Grammy's he stayed up really late and got up really early.  So most of the day he was tired.

We went out to eat with the family for Mother's Day and one our way home told him that he would need to take his bath and get ready for bed.  That is when the drama erupted.   He began the whining and crying in the car, the "I don't want to take a bath" over and over again.  That lasted all the way home.  Once we got him he continued.

He was actually in the shower crying "I don't want to take a bath" over and over.  I had to laugh, seriously it is a little too late know, in fact at that point it was moot.  But he continued until he was done.  I am guessing after his shower he figured the point was moot and moved on.  It was done and over with, he couldn't really cry about it anymore. He went to bed shortly after.  But it was funny. 

Oh the drama!!! But sometimes can be rather entertaining ;) I love these kids!!
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  1. Rest assured every family has a drama king or queen and it some families more of course. I just returned from taking care of my daughters children. She just had surgery. Her almost 8 year old daughter is just like him. Big time drama. I really have to smile because My 6 children were are dramatic at times and now they have my grandchildren who are just like them. What goes around comes around they say.
    Blessings to you!

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  3. Usually it is a drama queen. Great post.



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